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Universial Handsfree Car Kit

 Bluetooth Car Kit connects to Car Aux-input

 Blue tooth V2.1

 Bluetooth profiles HSP,HFP,AZDP and AVRCP

 Operating distance 10 meters

 Rechargeable 120 mAHli battery

 Up to 6 hours talk time

 Charge time 1.5 hours

 Standby time 68 hours

 Full duplex communication with DSP for echo and noise cancellation


Gator Bluetooth Handsfree ABT 510

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Gator Bluetooth Handsfree ABT 350



 Full duplex

 DSP:Intergrated with echo cancellation and noise suppressor

 High capacity rechargeable battery

 Bluetooth V2.0+EDR Class II

 Up to 10 meters range

 Charge time 2-3 hours

 Standby up to 30 days

Universial Handsfree Car Kit

Parrot Bluetooth Car Kits

From Supplied & Fitted

The Parrot bluetooth hands free are the most renowned hands free car kit on the market. With a Parrot car kit you will be able to place and receive calls in safety, without ever touching your mobile phone.

The wireless connection between the Parrot kit and your bluetooth phone and its voice recognition system is enabled as long as the phone is turned on.

When legislation restricts the use of mobile phones in vehicles due to safety, the benefits are a real necessity.


Parrot Handsfree